About Us

"Once Again Hostel" is a place where you will have hundreds of locals as your warm and welcoming hosts that will most certainly make you feel as though you are traveling back in time to the bliss of life inside a small close-knit village. What makes us different is that we take pride in our surroundings and embrace them wholeheartedly.

With an ideal location and facilities to match, Once Again Hostel hits the spot in many ways. A walking distance and you will be at the energetic and packed Khao San Road, add 15 minutes and you will marvel the amazing Grand Palace, the incredible Wat Pho and the iconic Chao Phaya. If the amazing view of our Rooftop is not enough, just visit the nearby Golden Mount to see Bangkok from one of the most unique temples in the city.

Our dorms are top-class with air con and super fast wifi, bigger built-in beds with personal locker, personal light and curtain/door for privacy. Once Again offers impeccable service and all the essential amenities to invigorate travelers such as magnificent shower, tv/movie room, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, tours and the Holiday Cafe and Restaurant can all be enjoyed at the hostel.

Our hosts, who lives in different communities around Rattanakosin islands (Old Town), are very special. They still practice Thai traditional handicrafts that are taught from generations to generations. These fine arts require highly skilled labors and exquisite works. Unfortunately, the new generation consider this artworks outdated so not many people want to learn how to create them. Priceless antique arts and traditions are dying along with the communities.

Our commitment is to bring back the long lost communities to life. We’d like to invite all of you to be a part of this development by visiting and staying in these communities. We’ll work together to conserve the traditional way of live and local wisdom to change Bangkok to be a city of exquisite arts and traditions. A tourist city for “foreigners” will be a livable city for “everyone” too. Staying with us means living within the vibrant communities of the Rattanakosin Island (Old Town) where art and culture as well as centuries-old craftsmanship will take you on a journey of a lifetime.

Café Velodome It is one of the first café of bikers in Thailand. They want to present a new way to travel by bikes so they’ve formed a group named Bangkok Bicycle Campaign to promote and do campaigns on bikes with Bangkok Metropolitan, government and private sectors. For many years, Café Velodome has proved that biking is not a “fashion” but it can really make a different to the city. Meet them at the café on the 1st floor. A team from Café Velodome will serve food and drinks made from local ingredients, from for a special coffee blend made from selected Thai coffee beans, new menus made from local ingredients, to fusion dessert where Thai meets foreign.

Things To Note

If you are seeking for an authentic local experience, learning more about Thai culture, enjoying authentic Thai food, meeting fellow travelers and you are not focused on getting drunk every night, or sex tourism then we are the perfect place for you. Here at Once Again Hostel we offer more than just a place to stay, you'll be surrounded by an authentic local experience and we will do whatever we can for you to enjoy Bangkok!